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Product Brand & Model : Dcmoto 925w (witout auto lock)
Specifications of dcmoto 925w  :
*Hybrid Power
*Green Machine
*Reduce 90% Electricity
*Co Emission

DC Moto all new products are going green! Hybrid Power; Reduces 95% CO2 emission. A normal automatic gate consumes about 5 to 10W of electricity during standby 24/7. The hybrid design consumes only 0.2W during standby. Main power is only switched on for running the motor or charging the battery. Backup battery for standby uses only 0.2 Watt. The system will switch to normal power mode and thus function normally in case the backup battery fails.

Other Terms & Conditions : With 1 year Warranty 

Optional Item :
Safety Beam Sensor
Auto Lock
Lightning Relay

Product Detail : 
What’s in the box   (package)
DCMOTO 925AL Swing Type DC Motor x 2
DC Controller Board with PVC Box
Backup Battery
Wireless Multifunctional Keypad
Driving Bar
Antispy Remote Control x 3

1 Year Warranty
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*NO Deposit require~ After Installation

 We Accept Visa/Master Card /Cash.
Person Incharge :
 +6012-350 5690 Mr Autogate
 +6012-671 0300 Ashley
 +6012-652 3900 Angelina

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